Cuba Trip

Cuba Trip

I have always enjoyed traveling all over the world. I try to visit countries as many as possible while I am alive!

I visited Cuba last month. I wanted to go to Cuba and my dream came true! My soul sister great Latin Jazz pianist Chiemi Nakai has influenced me and I have been enjoying Cuban music.

I have seen a movie “Buena Vista Social Club” about 20 years ago, and even went to their live show at Jazz Lincoln Center when the original members came to U.S.A. And of course, I went to their show in Havana this time, and they were fabulous!!! I heard that there were only three original members left since many of them passed away, but the new members didn’t disappoint me and it was a great show.

I fell in love with Havana, especially Old Havana (Habana Vieja)….

We arrived the seaport of Havana which is in front of Saint Francis of Assisi Square. My eyes caught a beautiful church in the square. When I was walking around in this charming city, I saw breathtaking buildings with balconies, iron gates, arcades and courtyards in Baroque and Colonial architecture style. Loved it!

The reason I really enjoyed the city is not only the beautiful buildings, but also it is full of music and arts. There was so much live music in restaurants, cafes, hotel lounges and streets. As a music lover, this was heaven! And the Cuban musicians were so skilled!

We stayed just two days, but I definitely would love to go back and explore deeper of the music scene.

I also learned there are many financial issues Cuban people are facing. There are limitations of food, like people can buy only 5 eggs or 5 pounds of rice per month. Of course this is not enough. People go to the “Free Market” to buy more food which cost 20 times more…

It is unfortunate for Americans having the travel restrictions to the country. I really hope that these two countries have a good relationship and better access to each other.

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